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March ’21


Ostrichland by Daniel Nign

Curated by Domo

  • Mini flask
  • Paint by numbers kit
  • Ceramic egg holder
  • Bath bombs
  • Motel keychain
  • Feather bookmark
  • Lip scrub
  • Crystal pen and paper
  • Hazelnut wafer cookies
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Ostrichland is so much more than ostriches! Ostrichland is an ostrich farm roadside attraction along the central California coast. The owner, Waldemar Ulff, was a member of WOW, the biggest pop group of the 90’s. Surrounded by his flock of 100 ostriches, Waldemar is content with his life despite fans clamoring for a WOW reunion.

Up Highway 277, the German-themed resort town of Neu Deutschland is brainstorming to increase visitors to the once-thriving destination. The tranquil life in the valley is shattered with the arrival of Les Winns the self-proclaimed radio talk show “Yacktavist” intent on buying the town for his own nefarious purposes, forever changing its charming character. Waldemar and his intrepid band of cronies are determined not to let this happen. With an “army” of 100 ostriches can the birds save the day? Come along for the ride and see!


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